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Color Brewers

Figure 108. Color brewer

Not, strictly speaking, a visualization tool, Color Brewer — originally designed with federal funding and developed at Penn State — is really for choosing map colors, and is worth spending some time with if plan to make many more. You can choose your base colour and get the codes for the entire palette.

And some more

Figure 109. More from Color Brewer

If none of these are for you, it’s also worth checking out this DailyTekk piece which has even more options. The ones above aren’t the only tools, just those we use most frequently. There are lots of others out there too, including:

  • Chartsbin A tool for creating clickable world maps
  • iCharts Specialises in small chart widgets
  • Geocommons Shares data and boundary data to create global and local maps

Oh and there’s also piktochart.com, which provides templates for those text/numbers visualizations there are a lot of around at the moment.

Simon Rogers, The Guardian



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